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Flattened Buckfast Wine  bottle clock, ideal for hanging on the wall in any office, bedroom or mens den! Perfect for a Fathers Day gift - or a great Christmas present.

Made from a genuine bottle, upcycled into a clock.

Created by "Bottleclocks" in the UK.


Whats the Process?

This bottle has been recycled using a glass kiln. After cleaning and removing the labels, it has been heated to over 800 degrees Celsius, which allows the glass to melt and 'slump' under gravity. It then cools slowly, re-forming the glass bonds (sort of like a crystallisation), and annealed to strengthen it. The result is that one side is perfectly flat, and the upper side still has some shape definition. A hole is then drilled in the centre for the clock spindle to pass through, then the label is applied to the front of the bottle.


All Bottleclocks are supplied in an attractive box - making them ideal for gifting.


Customer Review

5.0 out of 5 stars 

Unique Buckfast Bottle Clock For A Bar, Man-Cave Or Garage

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on November 19, 2020

Verified Purchase

I purchased this bottle clock quite awhile back and should have reviewed it right away. It was a Birthday present for my husband. He really liked it and it's been hanging on the wall of his workshop ever since. Nice quality, crafted well. With Christmas coming, if you are interested in something like this, I recommend it as a great gift.


Buckfast Bottleclock

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