Bottle Collection

Bottle Collection



We are always in the need for good condition bottles and labels to turn into our fantastic clocks.

So if you collect them we will pay you!


Fundraisers, Bars/Pubs  & Clubs, Individuals, Why not collect bottles for us!!


Bottleclocks needs more bottles to meet demand for its unique range of clocks - and , just like in the "old days" we pay cash for empties!


Whether you want to raise funds for your School PTA , Club , Charity  or Expedition etc , by collecting bottles you actively recycle , support a local business and make money!


We can supply a bottle bank for you chosen collection point to make things easy and we can collect weekly - alternatively you can deliver to us if you prefer.


Just contact us for details - and please share with anyone else in the Essex area that might be interested in Fundraising in this way. We have been collecting  from local schools , bars and restaurants for several years.

Collection List              


10p each


50p each


50p each

Stella Bacardi Bollinger
Bud (Budweiser) Bells Lanson
Guinness Gordons Veuve
Magners Jager (J├Ągermeister) Piper
Becks Baileys  
San Miguel Bombay Sapphire  
Old Speckled Hen Famous Grouse  
Smirnoff Ice JD (Jack Daniels)  
Spitfire Grey Goose  
Newcastle brown    
London Pride    
Bullmers Apple    
Kronenbourg 1664    
Holsten Pills